The Hooterville 80, Caldwell Parish, 80 Acres +/-

Property ID: LACALDCA80

Along Highway 506 past “Seven Runs” in the Southwest corner of Caldwell Parish is a community called Hooterville. The people that live in this area are all good folks and love hunting and fishing. They can testify to the bountiful wildlife that are in this neck of the woods. This tract of land is just North of this community. Located on the edge of the Castor Creek swamp, this eighty acre plot of land is ideal for the sportsman looking for a honey hole with a potential campsite. Natural regeneration of pines and hardwood in the early successional stage provide ample cover and browse for the deer and hogs that inhabit this property. At this stage of growth, the opportunity for trailblazing or dirt manipulation is easier as well. The adjacent lands provide a mosaic of habitats changing from hardwood creek bottoms to upland pine plantations of different age classes. These surrounding properties harbor many of the wildlife that will seek cover and food on this eighty acres.

The western half is primarily high ground that tapers off downhill the closer you get to Castor Creek. With the nearest water and electricity less than 1,300 feet from the property line, this ridge could be the site for the secluded hunting camp you’ve been wanting. From this ridge you would be overlooking the eastern back forty. This lower ground would make an ideal duck hole with its proximity to the creek and wetland features already in place.

To get to this property you will need to take Hwy 127 West out of Olla, LA to Hooterville Road due to the reconstruction of the bridges on Highway 506. Take Hooterville Road until it intersects into Highway 506. Take a left and just up the road on the right is Humphries Road. Down at the end of this road is where the eighty acres begins. Please schedule a time with me to go and look at this property out of respect of the family that lives at the end of this dead end road.

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