Horseshoe Lake Tract, Little River County, AR_1,407 AC

The Horseshoe Lake Tract of Little River County is a hardwood-dominated, forested wetland. This property is geographically positioned where the Central and Mississippi Flyways overlap, providing outstanding habitat for waterfowl. This forested wetland is used by migrating and wintering waterfowl during the fall, winter, and spring months. Mallard, Gadwall, and Teal are among the species of waterfowl that traditionally use the seasonally flooded wetland habitat. Deer, squirrels, and hogs also thrive in this bountiful environment.

Little River, Cossatot River, the Saline River are major waterways that replenish the richness of the bottomland hardwood tract. The “bottoms” provide needed habitat protection for these extremely valuable, yet rapidly disappearing, wetland hardwood forests. This is a haven for a myriad of wildlife and migrating birds.

This property gives access to Millwood Lake and USACE land, thereby providing entry to thousands of acres of virtually inaccessible public hunting land. The new owner can   also expect excellent fishing in either McGuire Lake and Horseshoe Lake.

Twenty acres of high ground include a camp, outside cooking area, cleaning shed, adequate storage, and pond.

Own and experience this bottom land property of southwest Arkansas, and dwell in its unspoiled setting. This tract is priced at $2,610,000. Call J.J. Keeth for a tour and more information.