Dorcheat Preserve Tract, Webster Parish, 820 AC

Webster Parish Recreational land for sale

The Dorcheat Preserve Tract of Webster Parish consists of approximately 820 acres of mixed Pine and Hardwood Upland Forest, White Oak Terrace, Bottom Land Hardwood Forest, and Cypress Swamp. This property is considered an integral part of the Bayou Dorcheat Conservation Area, and provides habitat for animal and plant species that require unfragmented blocks of natural forest and freshwater habitat for their continued existence.

A conservation easement is in place to protect this natural habitat and preserve outstanding biodiversity significance. The servitude restricts the use to only such activities consistent with the conservation purpose.

The tract includes a 9-acre development area on both sides of Highway 2, which could be developed for your home site overlooking an existing pond.

There are approximately 282 acres of a forest management area that permit active forestry management, including the commercial harvest of timber. Approximately 538 acres of pristine Bottom Land Hardwoods stand tall and mighty since their birth at the turn of the 20th century.

This sale would also include 320 acres of recreational use lease, consisting of mostly hardwood bottoms.

A gift from the past, this legacy is for sale at $1,558,000. For a tour of the property or more information about the conservation easement and guiding principles of forest management of the tract, please contact J.J. Keeth at 318.470.0483 or